At-Home Monitoring

Introducing Remote Health Monitoring through Athelas!

At Diabetes & Endocrine Treatment Specialists we care about your overall health. We are excited to announce we are partnering with Athelas to provide you with cutting-edge At-Home monitoring equipment. Athelas’ Remote Monitoring Program allows us to monitor your physical health remotely, detect any metabolic changes, while charting your progress. Athelas RPM is valuable both for monitoring existing chronic conditions and screening for early signs of new conditions.

How does it work? Athelas will provide you with SIM connected devices to test your vitals at home (ex. blood pressure cuff, weight scale and/or glucometer) and remind you via text message when to test. All you have to do is test as prescribed. All your results will be reported automatically back to us. No note keeping required. We will keep an eye on your vitals and prepare a report for your next visit. These services include the devices, monitoring, and reporting. Athelas is now covered by Medicare & most Commercial insurances. If your insurance is deemed eligible for this program, you will receive a text and phone call from Athelas to enroll. If your commercial insurance does not cover at-home monitoring there are self-pay options.

To get started, enroll directly by clicking the link here: You’ll be asked to confirm your full name, date of birth, mailing address, and insurance information to receive your devices. This form is in compliance with HIPAA, and your data will be protected.

If you do not want to enroll online, Athelas will reach out to you to share more information about the program via phone. Look for a call or text from (833) 524 -1318. Click here to learn more about the program on our website.

We’re excited to provide you the very best care available with cutting edge easy-to-use tools. If you have any questions about the program, email [email protected] or call (833) 524 -1318!

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Diabetes & Endocrine Treatment Specialists

For assistance contact Athelas at [email protected] or call 833-524-1318

Athelas will ship you a box with connected health devices and train you on how to use them.
Athelas will text you on a monthly basis, reminding you to test your vitals (i.e. blood sugar, weight, and blood pressure).
Your test results will be sent directly to your DETS provide. Our team here in Utah will be alerted if anything looks out of the ordinary that they may need to follow up on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Athelas covered by my insurance?

This service is fully covered by almost all insurance companies.

Athelas is a medical provider service who is held to the same HIPAA standards as our practice and no information is shared with any outside services

Is this a requirement for my treatment?

This service is completely optional and voluntary, but highly recommended by our team here at DETS so that we can better provide the highest quality healthcare in the modern world of medicine

Why am I being recommended for this now?

Insurers, clinics, and patients are realizing that telehealth is a powerful tool for preventative health and physiological monitoring. At-home monitoring will allow you to record your vitals from the comfort of your own home.

DETS has partnered with Athelas to provide this service – high-quality, convenient care while remote. 

What devices will be sent to me?

A combination of devices are selected uniquely for each patient depending on their existing conditions and medications. These devices will be listed on the onboarding page when a patient enrolls online. If enrolling over the phone, the Athelas Onboarding team can walk the patient through which devices were selected for them.

How do I enroll?

Patients can enroll by visiting and following the prompts to confirm their information. Alternatively, patients can enroll via phone by calling 1-833-524-1318. 

Who can I ask questions about the program?

You can contact Athelas at any time with questions by calling or texting 1-833-524-1318 or emailing [email protected]

Will my information be secure and protected?

Absolutely! Privacy and security are our #1 priority. All Athelas platforms are fully HIPAA compliant and all patient data is fully protected.