A premier Diabetes, Thyroid, and Endocrine Care Clinic focusing on Wellness, not illness.

Diabetes & Endocrine Treatment Specialists, “DETS" for short.

How We Help You?

About Us

Modern Diabetes and Thyroid Care Meets Old Fashioned Compassion with a Personal Approach

Our goal is to improve and maintain your overall health and empower you to understand your condition and love your wellness plan.

Diabetes and Thyroid Healthcare SIMPLIFIED

At DETS, we believe excellent Diabetes & Thyroid care is the foundation of living a healthy life. Our Diabetes Specialist will take the time to create your success. We are passionate about building partnerships with our patients and referring physicians. There is an alternative to the traditional insurance-driven, hurry-up, and prescribe medications healthcare system, and we are it.

Ask about DiabetesDirectCare™ It’s a modern take on the way medicine used to be.


We give you clear and consistent support while helping you understand Prediabetes. Let's work together to create your plan today.

Type 1

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and more confident in managing your Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 2

Let's plan and enable you to regain control, comfort, and truly feel healthier with Type 2 Diabetes.


Finding a balance and planning for a healthy delivery is possible when working with DETS.


Patients with Thyroid, Thyroid Cancer, or Parathyroid Disorders receive the highest quality of care with the most advanced technology available today.


Extreme fatigue, depression, moodiness, irritability, or anxiety is not normal. DETS understands this and is here to help.

DETS in 2023

New patients and physician referrals are welcome.

Did you know? DETS offers “virtual doctor visits” to all patients. Whether you prefer to be seen in person at our clinic or meet our team of providers virtually, we offer both options to all patients, working with our patients in the best possible way for their wellness, not illness. Call us for details.

We accept ALL major insurance plans
Medicaid, Medicare, FSA, HSA, DiabetesDirectCare™ and welcome CareCredit, and cash payments.

Meet Our Team

Team DETS is driven by excellence and carries a powerful mission—we hand-picked each Diabetes Specialists for their knowledge and kindness.

Our Care Mission

Together with our patients and Diabetes Specialists, we focus on Diabetes & Endocrine Wellness, not the illness. We will create a care plan that works for you and your health goals.

Daily DETS Blog

Everything you ever wanted to know about Diabetes, Thyroid, and Endocrinology plus a little more…


At Diabetes & Endocrine Treatment Specialists (DETS), we work hard to give you all the DETS “details" you need to live well with Diabetes and Thyroid conditions with our DailyDETS Blog. One question answered with facts, not fiction.