Whoop Whoop! Breakthrough for Type 1 Diabetics

Whoop Whoop! Breakthrough for Type 1 Diabetics

Are you a Type 1 Diabetic?
Would you like to be able to almost forget you have Diabetes? Get ready for NO CARB COUNTING, with this Automated Insulin Delivery breakthrough!

Beta Bionics, Inc. has received FDA clearance and is proud to launch the iLet Bionic Pancreas, revolutionizing the way insulin is delivered.

As the FIRST and ONLY automated insulin-delivery system that eliminates the need for carb counting, the iLet Bionic Pancreas fully automates 100% of all user insulin doses.

Say goodbye to calculations, reduce your input, and alleviate the burden of managing your diabetes. Paired with the Dexcom G6 CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) system and a smart device, this innovation brings freedom and convenience to your daily life.

Discover more about the iLet Bionic Pancreas and its remarkable features in the full press release available here.

Check out the full press release here

So, what exactly does the iLet Bionic Pancreas do?

The iLet Bionic Pancreas is a system that automatically dispenses insulin to the user based on just a couple of factors, minimizing the user’s effort.

During the initial setup, users only need to enter their weight to get started. When it comes to adjusting insulin dosing, the only information required is the desired glucose target (usual, lower, or higher), the type of meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and the size of the meal (usual, less, or more). That’s it!

No carb counting is necessary. Once these details are entered, the pump’s algorithm takes over and makes automatic adjustments to insulin dosing.

Curious about what users have to say about it?

During a panel discussion, a participant shared their experience, saying,

“I don’t think I had a clear sense of how much carb counting I do in my life, until I didn’t need to carb count. And I found that to be an incredibly mentally freeing experience,”.

However, a couple of other participants stated that it felt like they were giving up too much control, and that took a bit to get used to but both stated that within a few days of using it and getting comfortable with the device it was wonderful.

How soon can you start using the iLet Bionic Pancreas?

At DETS, we are closely monitoring the availability of this remarkable device for our patients. If you’re interested in this wearable, please inform us during your upcoming appointment or send us an email at info@detsutah.com. We’ll gladly keep you informed once we have additional details.